Tuesday, August 4, 2009

He's here!!!

Grayson William arrived on July 19 at 4:50 a.m! He arrived via c-section and was 9 lb. 12 oz. and was 21 3/4 inches long. We are so in love!! I was in disbelief when my water broke since I was only at 37 1/2 weeks...I thought I might have a month to go! Plus I was expecting to go into labor after my sister, since her due date was before mine. I was a little nervous about the whole surgery thing (since I've never had one) but the whole thing went smoothly. Two weeks later I'm getting around great and feeling good! My stitches still hurt to touch and my stomach is verrrry sensitive, but I think for two weeks after a major abdominal surgery I'm doing awesome and baby is, too!

My parents came and stayed for two weeks - I could not have done this without them! Or the love of my wonderful husband! I'm starting to get more comfortable with our "routine" (or lack thereof) and loving every minute. We are so blessed to have this gift from God!

Now that Grayson is born I decided to start a new blog for him. It is http://grayson365.blogspot.com/ . I'm hoping to post a short memory/picture for just about each day of Grayson's life.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

beach baby....breech baby

So, I did want to let everyone know how my dr's appointments went. They did find leakage on two of my heart valves, but the cardiologist said there's nothing to be concerned about and that there should be no problem delivering healthily. So, good news! The other news I got last week is that Grayson is breech. No wonder I've been having such bad rib pain - there's a head and legs stuck in my right ribcage! Because he is breech we scheduled a c-section for July 29th at 6 a.m. So, unless he decides to come before then - July 29 will be his birthday!

I have been working very hard to get everything done before then...I know the next 2 weeks will fly by! The room is almost finished and everything is washed. I just have to get the cars cleaned out and the carseats installed and finish packing my bag, which is almost done! It will be here before I know it!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

38 days!

Grayson and I at 35 weeks.
About 38 days until I get to meet my sweet Grayson! I'm so excited, nervous, scared, joyful, and so many other emotions at the same time. I'm finally off work all the time now, so no worrying about going into labor an hour away from my hospital! There are SO many things that need done between now and then, so I'm thankful to God for this time! Even better, Travis finished flight school so he gets to stay home with me during this month, too! I'm feeling good for the most part - at night I get very uncomfortable but the days are pretty good. I've been so blessed to have an easy pregnancy! I find out the results of my heart test July 7, so I will be sure to keep everyone informed. We are praying for good news, and I don't expect anything less! At my last appointment my doctor said that Grayson looks "average" sized, so that is good news, too. At my next appointment we will find out if he's in the right position. Just thought I'd give everyone a little update!

Friday, June 12, 2009

a bit of a "slack"er

So, after hearing complaints countless times from countless people...I decided I better update my blog! I guess I feel like my pregnancy has been rather uneventful, which is a good thing, actually.
I went to the doctor last week and Grayson is doing great!! His heartbeat continues to be in the 150's. I also went to the cardiologist and she said that there's nothing to be worried about at the moment, which is good news. I am having an ultrasound on my heart on the 23rd (but won't find out the results until July 7) because she heard a heart murmur and saw delayed electical activity in my heart on the EKG (which she said is nothing serious). She seems to think all my problems are pregnancy/anemia related, so she said she wasn't too concerned.
I've has three showers so far (and one tomorrow) and Grayson got so many nice things!!! We are so blessed to have people love us so much that they want to share in our joy! We feel so loved!!!!!
Other than swollen feet, rib pains, and being tired all the time, I feel great! I feel so lucky to have such a smooth sailing pregnancy! We are praying for a safe and easy delivery! Until then, I'm enjoying my time off from work, getting Gray's room ready, and spending afternoons at the beach under my umbrella! Life is good!! God is good!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

time for an update! 25 weeks!

I guess it's time for an update! Not exactly sure why I haven't updated in a month, but I'm here now! Actually not too much exciting has happened in the last month....I don't exactly consider swollen feet, backaches, and acid reflux exciting! I'm dealing with those minor issues and knowing it will all be worth it once I see Grayson's sweet face! Just a little more than 3 months! I really can hardly believe how tme is flying!

The big thing I'm working on is Grayson's bedroom. I feel like I can devote more time to it once work settles down. I decided to work two days a week for awhile to help out since there is no one to replace me as of yet. Hopefully that will be the perfect balance of making a little spending money and getting the house in order for moving and the baby!

So far this is what I have for the baby's room! I got some paint mixed to have Travis paint the letters and the chair. More projects to come!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Well, we found out it's a BOY! I am so excited!! It took a little while for me to warm up to the whole idea since I always imagined having a girl, but I am now super excited and can't imagine any different! We are so blessed! Just think, another little Travis running around....kind of scary! The lady at the ultrasound moved my due date up 6 days, but the doctor said to go back to my original date. So, Grayson William is still due on August 5!

This week my family came to visit and we had a blast. My sister (who is due about a week before me) and I finally got to compare bellies! I can't put into words what a special week it was for us. I can't imagine not being pregnant at the same time as her. God's perfect timing was (and still is) at hand.

We did tons of shopping this week...I did some major damage! I never knew there were so many cute things for boys! Grayson will be one well-dressed little man! I also finally picked out my bedding set (for good this time!). I'm doing orange and blue with a beach theme. Here is what I have so far, but instead of the espresso furniture I decided to do white. And the chair will be either taupe, brown, or orange...not the green you see here!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

19 weeks

Not too much to write this week....I think I'm just waiting for the weekend already! Too bad the week hasn't even begun! This Wednesday I'll be 20 weeks (halfway there!) and Friday we find out the sex. Saturday my parents come in and I will get to tell them in person! So, there's a lot going on this weekend!

I really can't wait for the ultrasound, especially since I haven't felt the baby move for days. There for awhile I was feeling him/her move almost all the time everyday and now...nothing. I'm hoping the baby has just turned so he/she's kicking me in the back so I can't feel it like I was. Please pray that everything goes well and that we have a happy, healthy baby! I will be sharing the news with everyone soon! Blue or pink???